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The Clubworx will be accessible via the LAN (local area network).
Primary functions of the Clubworx includes the following:
Point Of Sale 

Touch Screen POS System
Bar Areas
Bottle Shop

Bar Code reader enabled
Screen configuration enables 600 product buttons
Dynamic Touch Buttons (programmable from Back Office)
Customer Loyalty Programs based on products purchased and/or spend. Either Ticket printed or points assigned.
User Security and Control
Multiple payment methods and pay by points facility
Product Ordering
What to Order feature – report on restoring par levels, generating order
Goods Inwards

Buy and Sell Information
Multiple APN’s
Dynamic POS Buttons generated from Back Office
Multiple Button Colours
12 Pricing Levels
12 Levels of Points
Setting of Loyalty Points to Products
Product Information – can be transferred automatically to receipts and ticketing
Bar Coding Solutions
Stock Take Solutions
Breakages and Wastages

Links with PDA devices.
Recount Sheet.
Stocktake archive feature.
Stock Variance reports.
Stock Valuation Reports

General Information
Action History – Tracking of correspondence, phone/fax/email
Order History

From one location to another (eg. Cellar to Bar)
Stock Levels

Customer Loyalty – Multiple Levels available.
Direct email feature from system
Action History – Invoices retained within system, Total Purchases and Order History
General Personal Details
Membership Details – Join Date, Points Redeemed, Points Available
Swipe or Scan Cards support
Print Membership cards
Activity Reports
Member Analysis Report

Promotions and Marketing Information
Mail Merge
Optional Photo ID and Camera support. 

Promotions And Discounts
Multiple Promotional options
Promotions Set-up – Discount, Time, Date, Products, Packs

Floor Tickets – Product Information, Pricing, Sizes
Shelf Tickets
Receipts – Product Information

Ticket Spitters (optional)
Optional Ticket Spitter software for Promotion by product or spend.

Kiosk (optional)
Optional Kiosk 
Advertisement section
Prize odds
Prize tickets

Staff Tracking and Reporting of Sales
Personal Details
Staff Availability
Employment Records
Security Section for each Staff Member
Print Staff cards

Price Program
Price Program Level change based on Location, Day name and Time.
Allows price level changes throughout the day – up to 12 changes per day.

Daily Cash Return for balancing POS Tills.
Invoice Audit
Invoice correction.

Till Location setup
Build POS Interface
POS Preferences such as Kitchen receipts, product search facility and member search facility.
Support for Sharp, Sanyo, Epson, Senor, and Quest Tills

Account setup 
Limits Daily and Monthly
Accounts Sales History
Print account cards facility.

Products Sales Reports
Patron Detail Reports from EGM
Loyalty Log ( Supports only Sharks Loyalty system)
Detailed Activity Report
Summary Activity Report
Liability Report
Cashier ( Supports only Sharks Loyalty system)
EGM – Machine Listing, Denomination
Points Adjustment ( Supports only Sharks Loyalty system)
Stock Audit

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