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Services & Planned Product Developments 


FileMaker Programming,FileMaker Brisbane

We provide a full onsite filemaker development service, from project based to hourly rate. We also provide filemaker training onsite. 

Club On-Line Ordering

Membership System that allows club members to order from the bottle shop on-line. Payments could be made by points, credit card etc.
Members ability to check points online
Members ability to renew memberships online
Other possibilities could include:
Bookings (shows, tickets, restaurants)
Membership Statements
Pay per transaction and or debit loyalty rewards

Supplier On-Line Ordering

Development of centralised on-line product ordering system for clients. 
Develop links with major club suppliers, allowing clubs to order direct from Mediaware Pro system to key suppliers.
This product has been developed, requires the link to supplier databases.

Club Manager Reporting

Incorporation of SVG technologies for reporting via the web.
Primarily to be utilised by key high-level staff. Live data utilised in select reports able to displayed as graphs etc.
The information can be accessed over the web, not requiring remote access type software.

SMS Marketing

Develop direct SMS marketing from Mediaware Pro system.

Smart Card Technology

Either development or link to existing smart card type technologies.

Retail System

Take some of the complexities of existing system out, to make it attractive to wider retail markets (e.g. News Agencies, Book Shops, Bottle Shops and Cafes).
The Director's believe this is the growth area for the product outside of the hospitality market.

In-Club Advertising

Video Streaming capabilities, utilising plasma screens throughout venues. Touch screens could be utilised for direct promotions between members and the advertisers.

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